Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Blog!

I've created a new blog for all of the newlywed news along with the goings on of our amazing families. Check it out at

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The yearly update

Well I'm not too sure where to begin. I feel like I'm writing an entry in my journal because they all pretty much start with, "Well it's been *insert number of years* since I've written and nothings happened really. Although of course things have happened because I'm pretty sure it's impossible for years to pass with nothing happening, unless you're some forgotten inanimate object which I am not. It's just that you forget all of the little seemingly unimportant things that have happened which is why you're supposed to write often in your journal to begin with, and what is a blog if not an online journal. So maybe I'll be better about updating, though we can only hope so much. So now the question burning in the hearts of the two people who read my blog is "Where will she start?".

Well since I've already forgotten most of what's happened since last semester I'll just start with where I am now... which is definitely not asleep where I should be. But in a nutshell, I went to LA on a makeup trip. Learned lots. Saw lots. Didn't take enough pictures.
Here's a zombie makeup I did for my class
A picture I took at the makeup factory we visited in LA

After that it's pretty much been Josh, school, work, and writing. I haven't got a whole lot new to report on the writing front expect that if I don't hear from my author friend by a certain deadline I'm contacting a local author who wants to publish me regionally. So that's potentially exciting!

Josh and I still have no date set for the wedding but we figured we should sort out all of my mysterious medical issues first. The first one debunked is my nasty habit of falling over when I walk. Now for years people have just said I'm clumsy and that's why I fall over when standing perfectly still, or clip the corners or doorways and such, and while that's probably pretty true, at least I can chalk some of it up to some inner ear damage as described by my ear doctor who I refer to as "Trav"or "The Travster" depending on the day. There's no medicine or anything I can take for it so I'll be going to physical therapy to sort out the whole 'falling onto complete strangers on the sidewalk' thing. Well as I'm sure my two faithful readers know, I'm about to graduate... in a few days actually. This is quite an exciting stepping stone in life, though slightly less exciting when I think about the prospect of having to be an adult and such. Either way, something's bound to happen when I graduate. Something along the lines of adult-y maturity. So we shall see. I'll keep you two updated, and hopefully not with years between posts.

Next and probably least important to most but quite important to me: the latest things I'm obsessed with. Though in this case we'll just say 'thing' because it's really only one thing taking over my life right now and that's Dr. Who. The best show in the world. It's on BBC so it's a bit hard to find the newest season, though the older ones I just check out from the library or watch on youtube. Either way, it's brilliant and you should watch it. Though watch it from the new beginning... you see it's been running since 1963 but the newest series of it started in 2005 with Chris Eccleston as the Dr. and that's where you shall start. Also, the new companion in season 5 which just started (Amy Pond) has been said to look like me so that makes me feel pretty awesome since in fact she travels through space and time and I usually only travel through space... quite slowly... in my car.

This is Amy Pond... who I maybe/hopefully/sort of look like... according to people.

So we'll call this next segment my 'picture of the post'... since 'picture of the day' requires more commitment to actually posting every day. So this lovely picture is a shot of my future niece Brynn after eating an Olympic torch ice cream cone that Rachel (one of my two readers and soon to be sister) made. I pretty much just love this picture for many reasons. 1. The scrunchy nose. 2. The ice cream EVERYWHERE. 3. the fact that it's Brynn. and 4. Can I say the scrunchy nose again?
And that's all for now.

The End.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Slopera

Here's my life as it currently is. I just got back from visiting Josh's family in Idaho, which was a blast. I got to meet Joe and Mandy (his brother and sister in law) as well as their three kids Katie, Alyssa, and Presley. Jake, Rachel, Chris, and Larry were there also with Jake and Rachel's kids Brynn and Eli bringing the grand total of people in the house to 13. It was crazy but really fun :) Can't wait until we get Annie there with her husband and four kids, then we'll really have a full fledged part going on.

So now that I'm back from my fun weekend it's back to work. I'm the assistant makeup designer for BYU's production of the Opera "Tales of Hoffman". We're in dress rehearsals all week and we start the actual show this saturday. It runs until next saturday which actually isn't really a very long run but with seven hour rehearsals all week this week it sure feels long. Luckily we don't have a whole lot of makeup to do like we did on Macbeth, this show we just have 35 people to wig and some hair to whiten. Nothing I can't handle :) Plus we have tons of people to volunteer with the wigging process so that helps a lot.
Olympia the mechanical doll in "Tales of Hoffman" I really like her makeup design. Every time she blinks those eyelashes I get whiplash!

Dr. Miracle in "Tales of Hoffman"

As far as the book goes I'm still doing my final revisions that Mike Eberhardt gave me to do and then I'll send it off to him and see if he wants to send it to his agent. If not I'll send it off to Michele Bell (An author in Utah) and she said she'd love to market it regionally. So keep your fingers crossed and we'll see what happens!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Book Cover

Alright here it is officially! My book cover :) The photo was taken by Trent Davis and the layout was done by Jackie Hicken.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Courtney ( ) has shown me just how much of a slacker I am as far as updating my blog goes so I am officially vowing to be better. Done. Consider it vowed.

So I just returned from my History of film class and we watched "Bonnie and Clyde" which I have to say is quite brilliant and makes me really want to watch "Bandits".

This month has been full of craziness as we're getting closer to shooting "Inspector 42" and the run of "Macbeth" starts. Sadly I won't be able to actually be on set for "Inspector 42" because I'll be tattooing billions of people for "Macbeth"... though getting to use the airbrush machine might actually make up for it. I will, however, have perpetually stained black hands for a month... so that's the pits. But here is the beautiful old abandon elementary school that we've begun to transform into a shirt factory from the 1950's for "Inspector 42"

PS the movie is in black and white... hence the black and White photo.

These are the inspector stations.

And now... for the book (you knew it was coming you just didn't know when). The book has gone through it's official final edit. The copyright is in the mail on it's way to Draper. The cover photo has been shot. And I am getting everything compiled to send of to D.C. where Jackie will put it into book form. What does this mean? This means I should have a bound copy of my book in a few weeks! This is basically the most exciting news in the world in case you were wondering. I wish I could just throw copies of my book off of a building so everyone would read it... but sadly I actually have to charge for it (Probably about $10 depending on how much it costs to bind it) which makes me feel bad but in fact, I don't have hundreds of dollars to throw around. Hopefully one day it'll get published and my publisher will take care of that but we'll just have to see. I'll be sending copies off to various literary agents pretty soon so keep your fingers crossed... which I suppose is an ironic thing to say since that's the cover of my book. I wanted to wait until I had the title on it to post the cover art but Jackie is tragically busy in D.C. so I'll just post the unfinished photo for your viewing enjoyment :)

"It's Not You It's Me"

So that's my life right now. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Uphill both ways

So it's been snowing here in Provo for about three days straight and it pretty much feels like I'm walking to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways. I got back from winter break and literally had to let my car slide into a parking spot. Luckily there weren't many other cars around. So I decided to go to the grocery store yesterday and figured my best bet would be to put my car into four wheel drive but in order to do that I have to turn these locks on my two front wheels and I could only get one of them in place. Thinking that would be better than nothing I tried to pull out of the spot but the back of my car just kind of swung from side to side and when I put my foot on the break my front wheel kept spinning so I put the car into park and it made that horrible noise that a car makes when a person who can't drive a stick shift tries to and it kind of goes reeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrruuuuggghhhh. So I think I broke it... we'll see.

In other news this semester may well kill me. There's a student film I'd like to try out for but I don't think I'll have time with all this other stuff. I'm still working on "Picture of Dorian Gray" until about mid-February and this semester we start production on "Inspector 42"... I don't act in that however, I'm in the art department. On top of all that though my makeup class this semester is intense. For an assignment I have to supervise one of the BYU productions so I chose Macbeth... this means I have to be there for all the dress rehearsals, makeup training days, photocalls, and the run of the show. I have to be one of the first people there and one of the last to leave. Also, I'll have to supervise the beginning makeup students, making sure their doing everything right. Now this would be intimidating normally but this show is extra scary because they're doing tattoos that appear gradually throughout the show which means I'll have to be airbrushing tattoos onto actors backstage during the show... scary. Also since just about everybody dies in Macbeth there's lots of injury makeup I'll have to do pretty quickly backstage... lots of blood. Also, every single person in the cast is wearing a wig. Why the boys need to wear wigs is beyond me but that's just what happens I suppose. So yeah, it's going to be an insanely busy semester but hopefully I'll live.

So far no news on the book front. I'm still waiting for the copyright to come in and I've arranged for my friend to shoot the cover of the book for me. Then I'll buy a UPC for the book so that it can be sold and my roommate Jackie will design the cover and format the book since she knows inDesign really well.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Picture of Dorian Gray trailer

Alright this is the official trailer for the indie film I'm in based on Oscar Wilde's novel "Picture of Dorian Gray"... keep in mind we didn't have our boom for my scene in the pink dress so it's not entirely my fault that you can't understand a word I'm saying. Also, A major motion picture studio is currently working on a version of this story with Ben Barnes and Rachel Hurwood... I'm not sure how much this will affect us but it's kind of irksome that they'll get all the publicity and we may get compared to them even though our budget is completely nonexistent and their's is unending. /end rant. Enjoy the trailer :)

Here's the link